Nail Technician Course

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Course Pricing

Kit: Additional and replenishment products are available for purchase at a discounted rate.

 Duration:2-Week Course


Nail Technology is a field of study focused on treating and taking care of nails. This discipline refers to the various tools, products and specialized techniques used to achieve this. While the professional maintenance of nails is important, the ultimate aim in Nail Technology is to make it look beautiful and healthy.

Whether your client desires a natural or more elaborate look – this course will have you set up and ready to go in just three weeks. Students who complete this course successfully will receive a certificate upon the completion of the exam and after moderation.

Contents: Gel, Acrylic, Silk, Fibre, Clippers, Brushes, Soak offs etc. basically all the necessary Products and Equipment that you will need to complete the course and work with thereafter.

Theory Exam: This written exam will be conducted for 2 hours on all Theory done in class, conducted on the last lesson day.

Practical Exam: Exam will be conducted for 2.5 hours – on the last day of the course as per Schedule, i.e. the exam day.

Case Study: Hand in a Portfolio of evidence on all techniques learned above. Submit in book form, with an Index and Front page.

Entry Requirements: None

Enrolment Deadline: 2 weeks before course starting date as per Schedule.

Course Contents

  • Consultation & Client Care
  • Product Knowledge
  • Application procedures
  • Nail diseases, disorders & anatomy.
  • Basic nail preparation
  • Tip application and blending
  • Silk application
  • Fibre application
  • French Acrylic Sculpture
  • French Gel Sculpture
  • Nude/ Pink Acrylic overlay
  • French Acrylic overlay
  • Acrylic Dip
  • Clear, Colour and French Gel overlay
  • Soaking off nails
  • Nail Art
  • Stiletto Sculpture
  • Silk & Fibre nail systems
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